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Understanding Back Pain and Knowing Your Options

  June 25, 2018

What exactly is back pain?

Back pain is highly a common medical issue. In fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association 50% of working Americans experience back pain every year. It can manifest as a sharp pain or a consistent ache. Back pain can become onset suddenly, or it can gradually worsen over time.

Back pain can be considered acute, meaning pain that lasts no more than six weeks. Or, it can be chronic; meaning that your pain has persisted for more than six months.

Important statistics related to back pain:

1. Up to 80% of the U.S. population will experience a back issue at least once in their lives. (ACA Today)

2. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. (ACA Today)

3. Lower back pain is the primary cause of disability worldwide. (ACA Today)

Symptoms and Conditions That Cause Back Pain

Symptoms and warning signs of back pain can include:

  • Muscle aches
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Pain that radiates to the legs
  • Limited range of motion and flexibility in the back

Conditions commonly associated with back pain include:

Arthritis: Osteoarthritis can negatively impact the lower back.

Osteoporosis: Compression fractures can emerge in the spine’s vertebrae.

Muscle Strain: Lifting and strenuous motions can damage back muscles.

Bulging or Ruptured Discs: Discs provide a buffer between the bones in the spine. The cushy material inside the disc may rupture and press on a nerve.

Sciatica: A lower back problem can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause pain to radiate to the legs

How to Treat Back Pain with TPMI

Texas Pain Management Institute urges people to see a doctor if back pain has not subsided after two weeks.

At TPMI, located in Round Rock, TX, just minutes from Austin, our mission is to put patients back in control of their lives.

That is why we offer a variety of minimally invasive procedures as well as medical pain management.

Facet Joint Injections

Facet joint injections can help reduce your pain by at least 80% from joints that have become inflamed from arthritis or otherwise injured.

Learn More About Facet Joint Injections.

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