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An Interview With TPMI’s Dr. Asim S. Aijaz

  April 18, 2018

Dr. Asim S. Aijaz leads the Texas Pain Management Institute in Round Rock, TX. His years of experience make him a remarkable, caring individual to serve the Round Rock and Austin areas.

Dr. Asim S. Aijaz - Texas Pain Management Institute

We recently spent some time getting to know Dr. Aijaz, and we thought you would enjoy learning a little bit about your TPMI leader.

Why did you choose pain management as your specialty?

DR. AIJAZ: During my anesthesiology residency, I did some rotations in pain management, and I really enjoyed those rotations. While I loved many aspects of practicing anesthesiology (fast-paced, quick thinking, teamwork), I missed the patient interaction one can develop in a medical office setting.

It’s great being able to sit and talk to a patient and then determine the cause of the pain and review potential treatment options.

Some of the rewarding aspects of anesthesiology also carry forward to pain management, such as helping to put a patient’s mind at ease and helping to alleviate a patient’s pain.

What about the field of pain management is exciting and fulfilling?

DR. AIJAZ: My main goal is to keep my patients active. In all fields of medicine, one sees that an active person is a healthy person.

I’ve also always enjoyed using my hands (years of helping my dad with various projects around the house including small carpentry projects) and the procedural aspect of pain management can be very interesting and rewarding.

Being a newer field of medicine, there are also many innovations, which I can see developing in pain management. There’s just so much new information to learn regarding various painful conditions and pain treatments.

How did your work in New York and in other countries shape your career as a pain management specialist?

DR. AIJAZ: My time in New York was great. The community I worked in exposed me to a huge variety of patients and various painful conditions. Since it was so busy, I was able to get a lot of hands-on practice in formulating treatment plans and performing various procedures.

The volunteer work I participated in other countries was as an anesthesiologist and this really opened my eyes on how to work with the basics.

How is the Texas Pain Management Institute making a difference in the Round Rock/Austin community?

DR. AIJAZ: We are offering pain management options with the benefit of understanding the latest research and publications in pain management. I maintain subscriptions to leading pain management journals.

I love to read. I consider myself a lifelong learner. As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”

I’m not ready to be old yet.

Texas Pain Management Institute Clinic - Round Rock, TX

Additionally, we want pain management to be accessible to the entire community. We make efforts to keep costs down for the patient by doing our procedures in the office using our in-office fluoroscopy suite with state-of-the-art fluoroscopy (X-ray) machine. This generally equates to a more convenient and lower out of pocket cost for the patient.

We are also accepting Medicaid which should be great for the community.

Our office staff is just awesome. Patients are always greeted warmly, and we really aim to treat everyone as we would our own family members.

What experiences have you had with your family in the Round Rock/Austin area that has been notably memorable?

DR. AIJAZ: Oh gosh, there’s just so much to do in the area!

My family and I love being outdoors. We’ve been on numerous hikes and we really enjoy playing disc golf, which is kind of like golf but instead of hitting a ball, you throw a weighted Frisbee around the course with the goal of landing the Frisbee into a basket. It’s a great way to spend the day.

There are also some great motorcycle rides to go on in the western parts of the area with beautiful hill country views with nice twisting roads.

How would you like to see TPMI grow in the future?

DR. AIJAZ: I’m hoping the practice will continue to grow, both in Round Rock and the Central Texas area. I believe we offer a great service to the community and the practice really treats its staff so well.

We’ll continue to keep up with cutting-edge treatments and offer the best treatment options for our patients.

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